Family Crest Rings

Family Crest Rings  will provide magical medieval memories from your families past and honor your ancestors.  We can take care of every detail, to bring your “Family Coat of Arms” to life by engraving it on a Silver or Gold Ring. The two metals that are used in the making of family crest rings and heraldic jewelry are silver and gold and this can be yellow or white gold.

Sterling silver has always been a selected option for family members to give as a gift for birthdays, wedding presents and all special occasions. It is indicated that silver originated in central Europe around the 12th century and especially the area now known as Germany.

One of the clues that this might be correct, lies with the findings that a lot of Medieval Jewelry was made with silver as it was a lustrous and not so expensive metal as some of the other more precious metals of the time. Today when it comes to precious metals you can have the option of choosing Gold or Silver.

family crest rings

Order yours in Gold or Silver

Combine the element of family roots and family origins and the element of an investment in the form of  family crest rings, this should leave you in no doubt about acquiring one of the treasured family heirlooms.

Family Crest Rings are Popular Gifts

The Family Crest Rings have become very popular as wedding rings or indeed wedding gifts and are very well received by all customers. It will also create the perfect historic heirloom for future generations and keep family traditions alive over the coming centuries. People from all walks of life are trying to get to know more and more about their family roots, and what their ancestors did in bygone days.  We are actually a product of our past and what our relatives did all those years ago has a great bearing on what we are doing today, and indeed where we are living.

One of the most important part of the crest ring is the face, this where the shield which is taken from the Coat of Arms is engraved along with the particular markings that are on the original shield. The family crest rings shield in Medieval Times was fitted with a straps inside, small ones for the arm and hand and another larger one which allowed it to hang around the neck ( this was called the guige).

Animals, birds, castles, arms and landscapes made up some of the markings on the shields and gave a fair indication what the family did for a living.  The name of the family today is engraved under the shield on a ribbon and above the shield can be seen the family crest.

Rings are available for the following;

Irish Names, English Names, Scottish Names, German Names, Spanish Names, Polish Names, French Names, Italian Names , Polish Names and all American Names of European Origin,
family crest rings
Our company will also engrave any design that you wish on the face of the ring, like military logos and unit patches, corporate logos and sports logos.  These Rings Are Worn With Pride And Honor and Family Crest Rings are a unique and novel way to display something that rightfully belongs to your family and you should be very proud of it. If you could at this moment in time have a conversation with your earliest ancestor I’m sure it would be pure magic and a wonderful experience but the chances of that happening are very slim.

What is possible right now is the opportunity to wear on your ring finger, a ring from the family crest rings range designed and engraved with the earliest Coat Of Arms that can be found for your family. This will honor your ancestors existence and commemorate the achievements of your family lineage and family roots. The perfect family heirloom can be created using your family crest rings and having your Coat of Arms and name engraved on the face. Great Savings Today for Quality Rings!

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