About Us

About us here at Universal Promotions the International Promoters of Heraldic Jewelry such as Family Crest Rings as well as the hand painted plaques and other unique and family heirloom products. We have created hundreds of memorable pieces of jewelry.

From the spectacular to the simple.   We have earned a reputation as the smart choice for anyone wanting to create a magical and treasured piece of jewelry. Our business is creating select personalized jewelry such as Family Crest Rings, Family Crest Cufflinks and other related products and gifts.

The Ideal and Perfect Family Heirloom

Our Jewelry is the perfect gift suitable for  any special occasion and in time will become the perfect family heirloom.   Universal Promotions rings are engraved in the old fashioned manner and will produce a wax seal in a clear three dimensional view, that can be used on important documents or envelopes.

When you purchase any of our products you will be joining many of our customers from all walks of life both in the civilian world and indeed we are proud to say the military world. Purchased by many the world over for the following occasions and to mark special achievements;

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