Coat of Arms Rings

Coat of Arms Rings created in Gold or Silver makes a great  family heirloom for future generations.  Family crest rings not only create a family heirloom but they also add a sense of pride to your family. They have been used for many years by various wealthy and powerful families to glorify their identity.

In earlier times, the imprint of these rings in sealing wax was used to be the verification of the authenticity of the documents. This is generally what most people know of these crest rings from stories and movies. But there are many more benefits of having family crest rings which are being discussed in this article.

Benefits of having the Coat of Arms Rings as a Family Heirloom

  • Sense of Pride
    Everyone loves their family and is proud to be a part of it. To any individual being with family and getting identified to their family, makes them feel special. This feeling of being proud and special is resonated by a family ring.
  • Preserves Family Heritage
    Every family has its own unique history and heritage. If you love your family and want your loved ones to be remembered even after they are gone. Then having family crest rings will certainly motivate the coming generations to study their family history and also admire it. This will result in preserving of the heritage of your family.
  • Strengthens Family Bonds
    We have seen that there are always symbols that are being used by various institutions to increase the unity among its members. In the same way having a family ring not only makes you feel special, but it also instills in you the feeling of bonding with your family members, as you know they are always there for you. Wearing a family ring makes you remember your family all the time.

family crest rings

Designs of the Coat of Arms Rings

coat of arms ringsThere are some things that are common in all family rings. While making of the ring it’s designed in such a way that the top part of the surface is engraved so as to display a family crest in form of a graphic symbol.

This “family crest” is also called by some people as “family shield” or “coat of arms.” But actually there is difference between “coat of arms” and “family crest.” Family crest is part of coat of arms and is usually displayed on the helmet of the coat of arms.

There are several types of colors and patterns that are used while designing of these rings. But it depends on the way family wants to be remembered. Some designs which of old times depict weapons that were used in wars like swords, canons, shields, etc., there are also designs which uses animals like eagles, horses, dragons, etc.

Family crest rings are usually made from precious metals of high quality. It can be made either of pure silver, gold or platinum, or a mixture of all the three. The precious metal used makes all the difference as it adds attraction to the ring which captivates the attention of the onlooker.


Coat of Arms Rings have been used since many years by several high-profile families as a family heirloom, to display their sense of pride in being part of a special family. This also acts as a driving force for the family members to protect and propagate their family heritage.

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