Crest Signet Rings

Crest Signet Rings are considered to be one of the oldest identity rings in the world, and date back to the tenth century. Nothing marks the importance of the symbol of a family emblem than having a crest signet ring made.

Family crest signet rings do not only put significance and honor of a family. To also pays tribute to the ancestors of a family and the existing members who put an effort to put the family name in a pedestal.

The Purpose of a Family Crest Signet Rings

More often than not, family crest rings are best given by the elders and leaders of the family to those who have made milestones in their lives. Occasions like graduations, weddings, birthdays and the coming of age, are perfect opportunities to have these rings made and serve as a special gift.

family crest rings
This will make the ring more significant in that, it will make the recipients in the family recognize that they are appreciated and honored as a member of the clan. The older members of the family can also have these rings made for them on special family reunions, and in their perfect time, pass this on to their children as a legacy and serve as family heirlooms.

Also recently, couples prefer to use family crest rings as their wedding rings. This is a unique way of starting a legacy for new couples who are just about to start a new family together. This is also the best symbol to keep family values and traditions alive.

Where to Get Family Crest Rings and How They’re Made

If you’re interested to start this legacy for your family and have a family heirloom specially made, then visit Society Gifts. They make use of silver or gold as materials in creating this heraldic jewelry. Sterling silver is popular, while gold, both the yellow and the white varieties are known to be the perfect choice for a classic family heirloom.

You can simply provide your own family’s emblem or coat of arms, then have this engraved on the face of the ring, either in gold or silver. Typically, the face of a family crest signet ring has an engraving on the face of the ring. Some families already have their own coat of arms, while others who want to start this legacy can base the markings on what their ancestors fought for and lived by.

Aside from the shield, which has its unique markings that signify what your family and ancestors are all about, the design of the face of the ring would also include an engraving of the family name on a ribbon. This symbol can be found just under the shield design on the face of the ring. The best way to give honor to the existence of your ancestors, as well as the current members of your family would be, to have family crest signet rings made.

Family Heirloom

A family heirloom does not have to come from the past. You could make history now and let the younger members of your family appreciate their family roots and lineage. This could be made for all the elders of the family, and pass this on to the younger ones at the right time. However, you could simply have family crest rings made on your next family reunion and have these rings made for everyone.

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