Family Crest Rings for Men

Family Crest Rings for men were created in Gold and Silver.  This site is operated and managed by Universal Promotions. All our staff and associates work tirelessly to ensure a stellar reputation, and to create a piece of jewellery that you will be proud to wear. You can be sure your next of kin will be honoured to receive it as a family heirloom in years to come. You can order your rings with confidence from our secure Military Online Shopping store. We hasten to add that you will receive excellent quality and value for your money. When you visit the shopping area you will find that it’s easy to navigate and place orders. Simply use our drop-down options and you can avail of a choice of payment options, such as PayPal, and credit cards.

How much do they cost? Our rings start at $179.00 for the Shield Ring and $299.00 for the Full Coat of Arms cushion ring. Gold Rings will depend on the price of Gold which fluctuates monthly.

Heraldic Family Crest Rings for Men

This wonderful piece of historic heraldic jewellery is a unique and novel way to display something that rightfully belongs to your family. This is something that you should be very proud of.  The family crest rings are suitable to be worn by both men and women.  Rings are available in Gold and Silver and also can be commissioned in a variety of styles and shapes.

The Face of Family Crest Rings for Men

One of the most important parts of the crest ring is the face, this is where most of the engraving is carried out. The shield which is taken from the Coat of Arms is engraved close to the centre of the ring. Above the body, you will have the helmet and the crest and below on a heraldic banner, some will have the family motto or the family surname. The shield in Medieval times was fitted with straps inside. The small ones for the arm and hand and another larger one which allowed it to hang around the neck.  This is called the guige.  Animals, birds, castles, arms and landscapes make up some of the markings on the shield.  The markings give a fair indication of what the family did for a living and their standing in the community.

family crest rings

Family Wax Seal

family crest rings for menNot too unlike the family crest ring the Family Seal Rings are available in the precious metals of Silver and Gold. They are available in similar shapes and styles. Besides their function of identification, they had a very practical use.  Prior to stamps, there was another method of ensuring the letters and important documents went safely to their destination.

The writer or sender of documents would secure their important documents by pouring molten wax on the bottom of the page.  Then press the seal ring into it to create the perfect wax seal and also the identification mark of the family.

Family Crest Rings For Men

The wax seal ring became a very sought-after family heirloom. Today you can create a new seal ring and pass it on to the next generation.  The wax seal used in the creation of the wax seal is available in red, blue, green and black. When you are making the seal, do not place the ring in the hot wax. If you do this it will stick to the ring and the seal will be smudged. The correct way is to wait for a few seconds and let the wax cool off.  Later place any family seal rings into it and you will get the perfect seal.  All family crest rings for men are created with great care and attention to detail as they are fully customized and no two are identical.


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