Family Crest Signet Ring

Family Crest Signet Ring for all family members and loved ones. We wear lots of accessories to accentuate our personality. For most people, the ring is one of the most intimate because it is beyond fashion for it isn’t loud, and it can say a lot about a person’s character. The ring is an also intimate gift to give compared to necklaces and earrings, but it’s a matter of preference.

People love jewelry because it can highlight an individual’s attire, and it can make a person stand out from the crowd during an event. It is also a possession that can make a person feel good. Signet rings are one of the most cherished personal pieces of jewelry because they are normally engraved with the initials or Coat of Arms of the wearer.

In some cases personalized designs and sentiments can also be carved on the rings. The bands can be influenced by Egyptian or Celtic designs, or the wearer can opt for a plain motif. The great thing about signet rings is the ring owner can choose a design that is close to his heart; whether it is his initials, an important element in the life of his family, or a tradition from his hometown.

Class rings that have the initials of a person on a flat bezel are also considered as signet rings. Designers usually present different fashionable designs so people can choose. However, owners can draw or find a design that they love and they just need to present it to the ring engraver. It is like having a tattoo where the individual or the designer can choose and talk about the ring design.

family crest rings

Difference between Antique and Modern Signet Rings

Signet rings nowadays are mostly ornamental, where the initials of the wearer are replacing the coat of arms designs. The family crest signet ring in the old days were used by wealthy people, religious leaders, and politicians because they were used as an official signature. One significant different between modern family crest signet rings and the antique ones has something to do with official seals.

family crest signet ringAuthentic rings in the past are functional besides being ornamental because they need to be immediately recognized as official. The engraver will make a mirror image of the ring owner’s signature, initials, or coat of arms, so the seal will not have a reversed image. A modern signet ring is not used as an official signature so the engravings aren’t created in mirror style.

From Generation to Generation

Most people are passing their antique signet rings to the succeeding generations as a family tradition. It is also a way to honor family members who contribute a lot to the community.

Signet Rings are Highly Collectible

Antique signet rings are valuable and collectible because they are scarce. There are only several ring copies that are created and sincere collectors can pay huge money for them. And oftentimes, to avoid fraud, some official rings from popes are ceremonially destroyed upon their deaths. The surviving signet rings from notable personalities and political leaders can be found in museums.

Having a Family Crest Signet Ring

It is noble to have a family crest signet ring. An ordinary family can have such rings to tighten the ties of the family and their ancestors. A family crest signet ring can celebrate the ordinary traditions and important memories of the family history.

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