Family Seal Rings

Family Seal Rings available in Gold & Silver . We work tirelessly to ensure a stellar reputation and to create a piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear. As part of the Universal Promotions Group we are delighted to work with you to bring this special piece of jewelry to life. We ship rings to every part of the world and our mission is to bring to you a high quality ring at a very competitive price. This is very important when choosing a ring, and its one that sometimes is overlooked and that is skin complexion.

If your skin is of dark complexion then possibly any of the colors will suit you, such as silver, white gold and yellow gold, but on the other hand if your skin is of light complexion then quite possible yellow gold will suit you better. This is  in no way a science or proven fact just an observation.

family crest rings

Early Family Seal Rings

Your earliest Family Coat of Arms can be engraved in reverse on the face of family seal rings along with your family name to create the wax seal which can now be used on stationary and other documents as your ancestors probably did in bygone days. It was used to ensure the safe sending of documents, by simply placing hot molten wax on the closing fold of a letter or document, and then firmly placing the family seal ring into this wax which would now have the identification mark of the sender.

If it arrived without the seal being intact it would be obvious that it had been tampered with and an investigation would ensue. The penalties were harsh probably as severe as death depending on the importance of the document. The seal ring is available in various sizes and shapes, but the oval and cushion style are the most popular.

Seal Rings make a Treasured Gift & Heirloom

Family Seal Rings are possibly one of the oldest rings in the world and were used extensively for the creation of the wax seal which became the means of identifying families throughout the many centuries. These rings are custom made and are created by the age old method of engraving with a graver and other fine tools that have been in existence since possibly the 12th and 14th century long before the existence of modern technology.

•Irish Names, English Names, Scottish Names, German Names , Spanish Names

•Polish Names, French Names, Italian Names

•Polish Names and all American Names of European Origin,

There are practically no two rings alike as they are entirely custom made by hand. The engraving of seal rings are by tradition always engraved in reverse and this is simply so that when the ring is pressed down into the molten wax it will produce a wax seal that can be clearly seen in a three dimensional effect. Universal Promotions will send your ring to the address given in a beautiful presentation box which will also include a free wax impression of your Coat of Arms.

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