Shield Rings

Shield  Rings have been used over the centuries, by members of the Royalty and public as the perfect means of family or military pride, and are worn by men and women. The rings are available in a select range of styles and precious metal like Gold and to a lesser extent Silver. The ring can be designed to replicate the original heart shaped shield or indeed oval, round or cushioned rectangular. The charges from the Coat of Arms and the family name is engraved on the ring.

Shield Rings in Silver

  • shield ringsWhy Wear A Family Shield Ring:
  • Its a great way to display Family Pride.
  • If you wear a ring, why not wear something meaningful.
  • Its a great way to create a family heirloom.
  • It creates a sense of belonging and connection with your ancestors.
  • Great for family reunions.

To get started just visit our shop, read the testimonials from other customers, then select the ring you would like to have engraved. Your ring can be complimented by having an embroidered Coat of Arms in full colour made for your home or office. View these options when you go to the shop !

family crest rings

The face of the ring will have the markings taken from your Coat of  Arms, especially the shield area and the crest. These markings will be engraved on the ring surrounded by the mantle and directly beneath these engravings the family name will be engraved on a special  heraldic ribbon in reverse. In appearance they are very similar to the family crest rings and are available in Silver and Gold.

To create the seal which they were meant for, you simply get sealing wax which  is available in various colours, but the most popular colour and the one that we are most familiar with is crimson red. Place a few drops of wax on the letter or the envelope wait a few seconds until the wax is beginning to set then press the ring into the wax, leave it for a few moments and then remove it, You should now have a perfect seal displaying your Coat of Arms which was widely used in former times.  It is believed the old saying “let’s seal the deal” came from carrying out this deed.

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