English Family Crests

English Family Crests and where to locate them. Your English family’s crest is a direct visual link back to your heritage and finding yours is an important step you can take to reconnect with your heritage.  Placing your crest on English family crest rings or on a banner you keep at home is a great way to make sure you never forget where you came from, but unless your parents or grandparents already have your English family crest on hand you will need to search out this heirloom yourself.

Custom English Family Crests

While the process of finding English coat of arms crests was once a difficult matter it’s now simpler than ever due to the rise of a few useful tools.To start on your quest for you English family crests you need to first have some idea of your family history which you can access and trace through any good quality genealogy service. You can hire someone else to do this work for you or you can complete it yourself with the right software or document connections. This process can be a little tricky to find your way through for a few big reasons.

Probably the biggest of these is the fact that family names get spelled differently over the course of their history, in addition to the ubiquity of people with the same or similar last names. You also need to have a good idea of the location of your family at different moments of their history including how they got to their present location and what their ancestral heritage site originally was.

English Family Names

All of this information helps locate accurate English family coat of arms crests. There are online databases where you can conduct this research, some of which are free and some of which are paid. Putting in your family’s name into one of these website’s search functions will often produce a few results. Being able to pick through these English family coat of arms crests is a lot easier when you’ve done the above investigative work to know what location and spelling details you can use to eliminate possible candidates.

Having some basic information on your family’s history is often enough to find the correct English family crest, but sometimes you need to do a little more research to discriminate between two or three likely candidates. Once you know your English family crests you can go even further by doing research to learn what each of the different images and designs mean, and you can of course attach them to rings and other accessories to show your pride in your roots.    English family crests as a reminder of the Family Roots

Traditional Crests 

English family crests have for long served as objects that help people understand their own identity and give them a sense of being rooted to a traditional past. History is vast and contains valuable lessons for life; every crest is representative of a story of valour attached to the clan and the history of English clans is richly endowed with such stories. Traditional sects and affiliations require the members of the clan to wear crests with pride, they help other members identify their brethren and accept them as a part of the clan.

family crest rings

The Clan

The concept of a clan and affiliations to such groups might sound archaic and irrelevant to these modern times, but the role of family crests in helping one find his true identity is crucial.There are many stores on the internet that sell authentic English family crests and do so after thorough research and strong historical evidences. A crest includes the family surname, the clan motto and symbolic images attached to the clan, even minute elements such as colours, shapes and objects displayed in a crest have significance and the elements themselves differ from one crest to another.

The Meaning

A crest is a unique object of identity that people wear with pride. Each of these English family crests is a combination of genealogy, history and heraldry. It allows a person to distinguish himself from members of another clan and also allows the person to reflect on the legacy of his own clan. Crests are usually worn by male members of a clan and they display the values that the clan stands for. Most family crests are sold by people who understand the unique history of each clan and have conducted extensive research on the elements that form a part of the crests, they will also be able to assist members of the clan understand the meaning and symbolism of the crest.


English family crests also help individuals to trace the history of their clan’s coat of arms, surname origin and the place of their clan in the English history. Crests can be printed or custom made to find a place on wooden plaques, solid brass plates, caps, t-shirts, key holders, formal clothes, metal plaques and so on. English family crests serve as a reminder of one’s rich English roots and help people find their clans from around the globe.

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